A survey of the arrangements for pupils' wellbeing and behaviour management in pupil referral units - January 2012


Teaching and support staff in pupils referral units in Wales do a difficult job with pupils whose behaviour is challenging. Generally, they are well trained and are confident when working with vulnerable pupils. However, most pupil referral units need to review and improve their policies, pupil-planning systems, risk assessment and records management.


Local authorities should:

  • set clear standards for the use of restrictive physical intervention and restraint by PRUs and for the keeping of records and ensure that line managers, management committees and elected members monitor these effectively;
  • make sure that incident reports are used to inform the review of the local authority’s policies for the wellbeing and safeguarding of pupils; and
  • hold teachers-in-charge to account effectively, by using reporting arrangements that focus on the wellbeing of pupils and evaluate the strategies for supporting pupils with challenging behaviour.

Pupil referral units (PRUs) should:

  • review their polices regularly, and align them with Welsh Government and local authority guidance;
  • present information clearly to staff in their written policies and guidance; and
  • deliver training to all staff in behaviour management, restrictive physical intervention and restraint that reflects best practice.


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