01 Oct 2014

Effective classroom observation can improve teaching and learning

An Estyn survey has identified how successful and improving primary and secondary schools use classroom observation to improve pupils’ achievement. In schools where classroom observation is effective, leaders have established a positive culture of improvement through self-evaluation and professional learning. In these schools, staff are keen to share practice and they view classroom observation as an entitlement.

25 Sep 2014

Secondary school attendance rises but still needs improvement

Over the past five years, attendance in secondary schools has improved. Despite this improvement, absenteeism is still a concern in nearly a third of secondary schools inspected since 2010. Pupils that are persistently absent now account for a quarter of all absence.

10 Jul 2014

Standards of ICT in secondary schools need improving

Standards of information and communication technology (ICT) as a subject are good or better in around half of the secondary schools visited during this survey according to an Estyn report published today.

27 Jun 2014

Bullying still a concern in Welsh schools

Too many pupils suffer from bullying during their school lives, according to a report published today by Estyn. Education providers have a responsibility to tackle bullying in all forms under the Education Act 2002, and yet the ways in which schools deal with bullying varies widely.

24 Jun 2014

Pupils’ understanding of global issues improves

Pupils in primary and secondary schools now have an age-appropriate understanding of global issues and of sustainability according to a report published today by Estyn. Since a baseline report was published by Estyn in 2006, inspectors found that there has been an improvement in pupils’ understanding of concepts of global citizenship, such as wealth and poverty, health, and choices and decisions.

17 Jun 2014

The majority of 7-14 year-olds achieve good standards in English

Many pupils in primary schools and a majority in secondary schools achieve good standards in English lessons, according to a report published today by Estyn, the education and training inspectorate for Wales. Pupils in English lessons speak clearly during discussions and respond well to a wide variety of texts. However, concerns remain about standards in writing.

16 Jun 2014

The impact of changes to regulations on the cycle of inspections

Last year the Welsh Government and Estyn undertook a series of consultations during February and May on proposed changes to Estyn’s inspection cycles.

20 May 2014

Access to coaching and careers advice benefits 14-16 year-olds

Pupils aged 14-16 have benefited from a wider choice of subjects and more learning support since the introduction of a learning pathways framework five years ago. Attendance, behaviour and performance have improved, especially for pupils who face the greatest barriers to learning, such as those from disadvantaged backgrounds or those with special educational needs.

28 Jan 2014

Chief Inspector’s Annual Report highlights challenges for education and training in Wales

Standards of education in Wales have not improved in the main, according to the Annual Report of Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education and Training 2012-2013. However, some sectors such as special and independent schools are maintaining their high performance.

13 Dec 2013

Estyn publishes secondary school improvement strategies

All schools in Wales have the potential to improve the education they offer, but different schools may need different strategies, according to Estyn, depending on their stage of development.

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